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James Stephen Zoller is a self-taught artist who has been drawing and painting for many years.  He 


began selling his paintings in 2003 following a successful first public exhibition.  His work is now included 


in private collections across the country.


Growing up in San Antonio, Texas and traveling throughout Mexico heavily influenced his early style 


of painting.  He says, “I had always been attracted to and inspired by the vibrant colors typically used in 


Mexican arts and crafts.” This varied palette of radiant primary colors combined with the use of rich 


muted tones is evident in his impressionistic paintings. His work has been described as “realism with 


stylization” as well as “possessing a quality of suspended time.”


For the past few years, a whole new range of color and light has been introduced into his work as a result 


of living on the coast of Maine.




James Stephen Zoller’s work has been exhibited and sold at the following




Nueva Street Gallery, San Antonio, Texas


River’s Edge Gallery, Kerrville, Texas


Bering & James Gallery, Houston, Texas


Small Wonder Gallery, Camden, Maine


Archipelago, Rockland, Maine


Port Clyde Art Gallery, Port Clyde, Maine


Hedgerow Gallery, Martinsville, Maine

Ingram Fine Art, Wiscasset, Maine

In Good Company, Rockland, Maine

Mars Hall Gallery, Tenants Harbor, Maine

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